Communicable Disease Prevention

Involves outbreak investigation, reporting, and providing education to providers and the community. For more information, click on the tab below.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases  (STDS)

Confidential counseling, screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases is offered by appointment.  For more information, click on the tab below.

Clinical Services

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program

Public Health Nurses provide this clinic for under-insured women to screen for breast and cervical cancer. The women receive a pap smear according to the program schedule and breast exams. Referral for mammograms are provided based on age and/or need. For more information, click on the tab below.

We're here to answer your questions: 304-257-4922

Family Planning Program

Clinics are conducted by contracting clinicians for men and women for family planning services. The women are provided a pap smear, breast exam, appropriate laboratory testing and birth control supplies. The cost of the exam is minimal and the birth control supplies are free. For more information, click on the tab below.

Immunization Program

Immunizations for preventable childhood/adult diseases are available for eligible children and adults during our regular immunization clinic hours or by appointment. Limited adult vaccines available. Yearly flu clinics are conducted onsite and throughout the community by request.  For more information, click on the tab below

Tuberculosis Program

PPD skin testing for exposure to TB. Free x-ray clinic for positive results and consult with physician through state program. Screening is provided during regular immunization clinics and by appointment.  If you receive a TB test, you will need to return in 48-72 hours to have the test read. Case management services for positive skin tests and active TB includes treatment and follow-up as well as contact testing/treatment as necessary. Chest X-Ray’s provided by appointment only for follow-up TB test reactor or physician’s referral.  For more information, click on the tab below.

Physical Activity

Grant County Health Department assists in developing and maintaining walking trails throughout Grant County's parks and facilities, including Welton Park and Grant Memorial Hospital.  Weigh Yourself! A balanced digital scale is available for your use in the foyer of the Grant County Health Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Right From The Start

Financial, medical and supplemental services for pregnant women and infants up to age one year.  For more information, click on the tab below.

Hypertension Screenings

Counseling, education, and referrals provided for those individuals with hypertension. Free or minimal charge based on income.

Tobacco Prevention Programs

The mission of the Grant County Tobacco Prevention Program is to eliminate tobacco use and its consequences, including exposure of nonsmokers to tobacco smoke throughout Grant County.  For more information, click on the tab below.

We provide clinical services with the focus being prevention, promotion and protection. The goal of this strategy is to provide services that improve the quality of life for the citizens of Grant County.

We offer a wide range of services that include blood pressure screening, breast and cervical cancer screening, communicable disease prevention, family planning, HIV/Aids testing and counseling, Immunizations, lab testing, STD testing and counseling, and tuberculosis screening.

HIV/AIDS Testing and Counseling

Confidential and anonymous HIV/AIDS testing, diagnosis, and treatment. Counseling and prevention education provided. Provide referrals for treatment. This service is free of charge. For more information, click on the tab below.

Influenza Information and Vaccination

Seasonal Influenza Vaccination and information for all ages available during regular immunization clinics or by appointment. For more information, click on the tab below.

Diabetic Education and Testing

Clinical staff provides blood sugar monitoring and education dealing with exercise, dietary concerns, and monitor usage